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September 22, 2017

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March 28, 2019

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Life Isn't Fair and That's Awesome!

October 23, 2017

I grew up in a family of six kids. My oldest brother was good-looking, smart, funny, athletic, and very popular. With that came privileges that the rest of us kids didn't get. My brother got to date early and stay out late, got a corvette for his 16th birthday, and was allowed to bring his girlfriend on our family vacation to Disney World while the rest of us couldn't even attend a slumber party. He even got to stay on the phone past our 5:30 pm curfew. While he was out enjoying the maximum benefits of his high school years, we - his five siblings- sat in awe of him at home.


I learned quickly that life wasn't fair, but it took me a long time to realize that "unfair" was exactly what gave everyone in the world an advantage. An opportunity to shine. To become an individual. To rise.


Here's the deal: Everyone is great at something. Everyone. No exceptions. We are all blessed with a talent, skill, and strength that we are to use to help ourselves and others through the human condition. Our imperfections and flaws are by design. They make us "perfect" because they give others a chance to step in and help us when we realize we can't do it all ourselves and that we need others. And,  we are obligated to do the same for them. If we were perfect, we could do everything ourselves and we wouldn't need anyone. Ever. For anything. Life doesn't work that way because it isn't supposed to work that way.


Okay, so what about evil people? Well, yeah, that is a tough call but even "people like that" have something to offer the world. They offer us an opportunity to learn how NOT to speak and behave. Their evil deeds give us the chance to fix our own behavior and become better people in the world. It's true: Sometimes, the best presents come wrapped in unbecoming packages. And, just because life isn't fair, doesn't mean it isn't awesome!





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